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Technical Fields

Updated 17/07/2013

Automation Technology  

Develop different system for the market:

- SCADA and DCS utilized in electricity, oil & gas industries, environment monitoring and protection, water treatment, aquatic farming and food processing...

- Proportional material feeding systems

- Real-time PLC based, PC-based embedded systems

- Video Surveillance Systems

- Manufacturing Execution System integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning.

- Control systems based on fuzzy logic, neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Provide maintenance and upgrading of automation systems for production lines..


- Design of specialized ICs using FPGA

- Design and manufacturing of number of electronic products such as:

+ Medical devices and systems.

+ specialized electronics devices for use in industry

signal capturing, processing and data transmitting devices and systems.

- Provision of 2-7 layer high quality printed circuit boards

- Provision of didactic devices and systems for education and training in Electricity,

Information Technology  

- Develop Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE tools) based on Open Source Software.

- Develop Web Centric Software for general Management Information Systems.

- Industrial Control Software based on Open Source Software and Cross Platform Micro-processor-based Operating Systems and Utilities.

- Client/Server-based software in inter-connected, mixed HMI environments.

- Provide ICT solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in low-cost investment and high productivity operating processes.

- Develop specific ICT solutions for Health Care Information Systems, Electronic School Management, E-Learning, Lecturing Electronic Aid Utilities and Vocational Didactic Systems.

- Education, Re-education and Training for General and Fundamental Computing basics and emerged, specific IT for professionals.



- Robotics and Applications 

- Utilization of CAD/CAM in design and manufacturing of intelligent CNC machines in instruments manufacturing.

- Robotics for labour aid in toxic and dangerous working environment.




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