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Automation Line for Processing Wast Feather and Production of Dispersed Protein

The production system using specific hydrolisis to get absorb protein from feather with 100% efficiency; without solid waste; environment is not contaminated and low production cost. Patent No.558 Desition No.9065/QD-SHTT Dated 06 semtember, 2006, VietNam


Automatic Monitor and Control System for Tea Manufacture and Preserve Process

Automatic system of tea manufacture and preserve process is to monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind flow ect. and control stages of manufacture process. The system is designed to be suited to different levels: factory, company and corporation. The system can carry out optimal manufacture process to ensure best product quality. The system controls manufacture process according to standard technology, ensuring high and stable quality product.


Temperature Monitoring and Alarming System in Oven for Steel Products

The system collects data of temperature from measured points at ovens, displays in numerical form and in time-graphic form. According to selected temperature/time line, the system makes alarm when actual error exceeds a limit. Data form Several ovens can be monitored at the same time and saved into database for further statistics and analysis.


Control System for Boiler in Thermal Power Plant

The system is to control parameters of gas-heated steam furnace in thermal power plant. It was designed on base of state-of-the-art technology for applications in harsh environment (dust, moisture, high temperature). The system can be used for replacing old control system in old plants..


Integrated Automation System

The integrated automation system based on MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) satisfying several basic functions recommended by MESA. Integrated systems are the united, transparent bridge between management level and manufacture level that helps optimizing the manufacturing process from determining plans to making end-products


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