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Automatic Alarm Controller PRC-03

The PRC-03 is automatic intelligent equipment used for monitoring unmanned stations , access control and air conditioner monitoring .


Fault Detection Equipment for PVC Jacket of Electrical Wire

The WFD-01 equipment is to detect faults on PVC jacket of electrical wire in an automatic wire production line. The WFD-01 can be used as a local independent fault detector, as an input equipment of PLC controller or as a part of integrated automation system.


Automatic Telephone Cable Quality Control System

The CQC-XXX is a fast and exact automatic equipment for quality control of communication cables (with XXX= 025, 050 or 100 pairs). The system is satisfied TCN 68-132: 1998 Vietnam standards. The equipment can measure parameters of metal communication cables , such as galvanic resistance, isolation resistance, working capacitance, transmit attenuation. The equipment is able to detect low-isolation or core-break positions.


Level Measuring Device in Gasoline Tanker

KL-1000X1 is portable device specially designed to measure fuel level remaining in oil/gasoline tank on tank truck. KL-1000X1 consists of 2 parts: - Measuring tube: Oriented tube, measuring tube (made by INOX), float connector (for fixing measuring tube to gasoline tank). - Main device: mechanical structure, electronic control circuit and sensor.


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